Pench National Park Online Safari Tariff

The best way to ensure you have an amazing time observing wildlife at Pench Tiger Reserve is to make your reservations before your visit. This can be done easily with online safari booking. However, since the best time to visit is from 15th October to 30thJune and there are limited entries per zone, prebooking is advised to avoid disappointment, especially in peak season. The per-day carrying capacity per zone is as follows. Charges Include details: Entry Permit, Jeep, Driver, Guide, Our Service Charges, Online Payment Gateway Charge & Taxes:

Safari Zones Touria, Karmajhiri, Jhamtara, Sillari, Chorbahuli, Khursapar, Teliya, Rukhad, Khawasa
Full Jeep (Indian) Week Days - INR 7500 | Weekends - INR 8500
Full Jeep (Foreigner) Week Days - INR 12000 | Weekends - INR 18000
Single Seat (Indian) Week Days - INR 2000 | Weekends - INR 2200
Single Seat (Foreigner) Week Days - INR 3000 | Weekends - INR 4000

Pench Safari Booking

Online Safari Booking in Pench National Park

Pench national park is one of the most popular place to watch the activities of royal Bengal tiger. Though numbers of wild animals are the major attraction of this place but most of the tourists visit this national park and explore this park to watch the activities of tigers in their natural habitat. So this place is perfect for tiger lovers. The majestic jungle trail of Pench National Park offers you an opportunity to enjoy fauna and flora in variations and for nature lovers and wild life lovers, this place offers life time beautiful memories and experiences. Tourists explore this national park in different ways of safari as per their choice. For the convenience of tourists, government has offer the facility of online safari booking in Pench.

  • • Entire procedure of the Pench Safari Booking is managed and regulated by the forest department of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In order to avoid the hustle and bustle of last minute, it is advisable for every tourists to make their online booking for safari ride in Pench well in advance.
  • • Tourists can book their tickets online for safari ride 120 days prior to their schedule of visiting national park. Complete detail of age, gender and name should be given with the details of ID proof. Same ID proof must be carry by the tourist which is mentioned at the time of booking.
  • • Tourists must mention original ID card number and the type of the Id proof. Tourists can give the details of original ID card like driving license, voter I card, passport and Aadhar card.
  • • If any incorrect information is given at the time of booking. Then the booking will be invalid and treated to be not booked in that case.
  • • If tourists is from foreign nationality, then foreign details of that tourists is required and accepted. Foreign tourists have to carry the same Id proof which they have used at the time of online booking of their safari ride.
  • • For visiting jungle, one E-permit can accommodate only six tourists.
  • • The cost of single Jeep safari is Rs 8000.One ride on jeep safari will accompany 6 people. For foreigners in the vehicle, extra charge of Rs 1000 is charged for every vehicle only for Khusapur and Sillari gates.
  • • After making online safari booking in Pench, no addition or deletion can be made on the ticket without the permission of the concerned forest department authority. Entire details are mentioned online about the timings, about the safaris, about the gate numbers and about the do’s and don’ts. A tourist must have to follow these.For online safari booking in pench national park, tourists have to follow some rules and regulations of Maharashtra as well as Madhya Pradesh government. For every booking of Pench Jungle Safari, tourists have to pay 100% of the amount of jungle safari as booking amount in advance. As for safari ride, the safari vehicle is limited so it is advisable for the tourists to book their safari ride well in advance to avoid any type of disappointment. Tourists must choose the safari ride for both the state, to enjoy the thrilling experience of this national park in full.
  • • Different rates are there for different types of rides. Some people even book their ride from sunrise to sunset. Some people prefer to go alone in safari ride. So charges vary as per the choice of customer.

Rules for the Tourists to follow for Safari Ride

  • • Every tourist must be aware of this fact that the designated route of the safari ride is fixed and it can’t be changed by the request of visitor.

  • • If there is some unforeseen circumstances, especially weather or fire in that case only the schedule of the ride gets changed with the order of the concerned authority. In that case tourists are requested to support the authority of the forest as these steps are taken in the welfare of the wild life and the national park.Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra reserves entire rights for any type of modification in timing or to cancel any permit, if the circumstances are not favorable. In any kind of unavoidable circumstances, the decision of forest department should be considered full and final.

  • • The best time for the tourists to explore this Pench National Park is from October to June. The park is opened for the visitors from 16 th of October till 30thJune. During monsoon this park remains closed for the tourists as these periods are said to be the breeding seasons for the wild animals. In winter here it is little bit cold but the excitement of exploring the national park for the tourists is so much that it is nothing a point of concern but the tourists must carry sufficient woolen cloths before going to explore the park in winter and in the morning time.

  • • In order to manage Pench national park successfully, it is must to have discipline. Pench nationalparkis also abided by certain rules and regulations. For successful management of tourism, it is necessary to implement some disciplines. Implementation of certain conservation programs of wild life makes this place more popular and attractive for tourists.Tourist must have to obey all the rules and regulations of the park which are laid in brochures, notice boards and which are informed by the guides of safari ride. There must be a valid permit, before going to explore this beautiful national park. All the tourists except the children below 5 years are required to carry original documents and IDs during safari ride. The speed limit of the vehicle inside the safari area is limited to 20km/hr.

  • • Do not carry any tape recorder, transistor or radio. Tourists have to take services of safari guide with every vehicle of safari. During safari ride, the supreme authority is safari guide only. Blowing horn is strictly prohibited.

For every gate, different numbers of vehicles are permitted. From Turia gate, 34 vehicles are permitted in morning as well as in the evening. For Sillari gate, 40 vehicles are permitted in morning as well as in the evening and from Khursapar gate 30 vehicles are permitted in morning as well as in the evening.

Entire details about the park is mentioned online, which are too helpful for the tourists to plan in advance and to book their tickets of different safari ride in advance.

In Pench National Park, each gate of the park provides permit for jungle safari to the respective area of that certain zone and no outside vehicle is permitted to be interchanged in the zone during safari. For safari vehicle, entry as well as exit gate will be same. The charges for safari vehicle will be separated and each visitor has to pay it differently.

No tourist is allowed to get down the safari vehicle during the jungle safari excursion in Pench National Park. There are certain set of regulations for tiger safari in Pench and the guide who assist visitors during safari is perfectly aware of all rules. Each visitor is obliged to obey the rules during the jungle safari.

While entering from the gate in Pench National Park, visitors should furnish a valid ID card like driving license, passport, pan card, voter card etc. If there is a foreigner visitor, the copy of passport and original passport has to be furnished during the entry in the park.

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