Best Tiger Zone In Pench

Best Tiger Sightings Zone In Pench

Planning to visit a national park is an exciting feeling for adults as well as children of every age. Just listening from other people or reading about any national park makes us excited and compels us to plan for a visit of national park. Among all the national parks of India, Pench National Park is different, and so one must visit this tiger reserve to have lifetime experience. It is the only national park in India which occupies the area of two states, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Forest Department of both the states are responsible for the proper maintenance of the Pench National Park. Tourists must follow the rules and regulations before visiting this national park and especially going for safari ride. Though this park covers a wide area, it is must for every visitor to plan well in advance before visiting this national park. There are total number of eleven gates in entire national park. Five gates of this national park open in Madhya Pradesh and six gates of this national park open in Maharashtra. Minimum distance between two gates of this national park is 20 kms and it varies to 100 kms. For tourists, it is not easily approachable from one gate to other and that too riding on the inner road of the forest is too difficult.

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Choose Right Safari Gate in Pench –

For Safari ride in Pench National Park, a tourist must book the gate first. As there are so many gates, one must plan properly before booking the gate in interest of sighting the tiger. A tourist must enquire in detail about the park and don’t book blindly for safari ride. Usually peopledon’t make any proper enquiry before booking their safari ride and then complaints a lot as the tourists in excitement book multiple safari ride from different gates in order to have a glance of tiger but multiple safari ride don’t work successfully due to distance between the gates of the national park. It takes much time for a tourist to travel from one gate to other. In order to avoid this problem, we must check the historical data for sighting tiger and about their movements in that particular area. Tourists must choose the right Pench safari gate by going through Tiger sighting index of that particular gate. Details about the movement of tiger near that particular gate is recorded. You can go through the record for a week, 15 days or for 2-3 days just before your program. It will help the tourists a lot in sighting the tiger. It is always favorable for the tourists to book the gate for safari ride after going through TSI and preferably near to your tour program. There is one more provision and increased chances of sighting tiger, but it is expensive. In this provision the customer book the tickets for the three gates in advance which are popular and during their visit they pick the gate where there is maximum chance of sighting tiger. You can also increase the chances of sighting tiger by topping your safari ride with some expert tracker of tiger. They have much idea about the area of spotting tiger.

Best Zone To View Tiger –

Pench national park is surrounded by seven zones. They are Khursapur, Sillari, Wolf Sanctuary, Rukhad, Jamatra, Karmajhiri and Touria. Usually tourists choose Touriya gate (Turia Gate) only for having safari ride in interest of viewing tiger which is in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most popular gates for safari ride. The chances of sighting tiger and other wild animals is much more in this zone as this zone is full of water bodies and usually the tourists spot the numbers of wild animalsaround the streams. So, chances of spotting tiger are much more in this zone in comparison to another zone.

It is advisable for tourist to make proper research by sighting index of the gates before planning for safari ride. Never be 100% assure to sight a tiger from the best tiger sight seeing gate, you can also spot tiger from other gates. But to increase the possibilities of sighting tiger check the movements of tiger before choosing the safari gate in Pench national park.
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