How To Reach Pench National Park

How To Reach

Pench National Park is a reputed and highly famous wildlife destination in India which attracts hundreds of visitors every year from India as well as foreign countries. So, if you have a plan to visit Pench National Park during your holidays, then you must first get the right information about how to reach Pench National Park.

Located close to Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh states in India, Pench National Park is easily connected with roadways, railways and airways. Therefore, a Pench National Park visitor would not face any kind of difficulty while traveling here or to reach here. If you are coming from Maharashtra side, you should reach by Nagpur as the nearest city, or if you are coming from Madhya Pradesh, you should travel to Jabalpur. In Nagpur or Jabalpur, you can reach by rail, road or even air and after reaching these cities, you can take any road transportation to easily reach this amazing wildlife destination – Pench National Park.

Reaching Pench National Park By A Flight

Located near two famous Indian states – Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, Pench National Park is one of the most favourite tourists’ destination in India for wildlife enthusiasts. When you dream to spend a quality time in the lap of Mother Nature while exploring different shades of it in the form of wildlife, exclusive vegetation, birds etc., you must plan a trip to Pench National Park. However, if you are a new visitor this Pench National Park, you must be aware of how to reach Pench information via different routes. As said earlier, to reach Pench National Park in the easiest way, Nagpur from Maharashtra and Jabalpur from Madhya Pradesh are the best cities as these two cities are well connected to this park by roadway, railway and airway.

Those who are travelling to Pench National Park by air should take flight to Jabalpur airport or Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International airport. The first airport is located at 213 kms distance from Pench National Park; however, the second one- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International airport is located at just 130 kms from the park. The second airport is regarded as the best for tourists coming by air to Pench National Park as it is connected with domestic as well as international flights. From the airport, you can take a cab or taxi for a comfortable journey to Pench National Park.

Reaching Pench National Park By Bus -

Those who choose a bust to reach Pench National park, then take the bus to Seoni in Madhya Pradesh as it is the nearest spot to the park. Seoni is a city connected by road with various places of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. From here, you can easily find taxis or cabs and reach Pench National Park in a convenient manner.

Reaching Pench National Park By Rail -

If you choose railway to reach Pench National Park, then Seoni will be your nearest railhead to this park. Located at 72 kms distance from the park, it is well linked to big Indian cities. After Seoni, Jabalpur railway station is second nearest railhead to this park and the distance of this railhead from Pench National Park is 205 kms.

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