Things to do in Pench National Park

Things To Do In Pench

Pench National Park – the pride of Madhya Pradesh is strategically located on the southern boundary of the state and derived its name from River Pench which passes through the heart of the National Park from North to South. Snuggled in the lower southern foothills of the Satpura Hills, this wildlife sanctuary is spread over 758 square kilometers, out of which 299 square kilometers core area consists of Indira Priyadarshini Pench Park and the Mowgli Pench Sanctuary and the rest 464 square kilometers is classified as the buffer area of the park.

There is lot to say about this world popular national park. The accorded Tiger Reserve has a very rich history, with its being crowned a sanctuary in the year of 1977 which later given the status of National Park in the year of 1983 and Tiger Reserve in 1992 respectively. The park won the award of Best Management in the year of 2011. If you are wildlife enthusiasts and touring Pench national park, here we list some of the popular activity we must do while exploring the Pench region.

Go For Boating Experience Near Pench National Park –

Go For Boating Experience Near Pench National Park

After enjoying thrilling experience amidst deep jungle of the Pench National Park you can opt for boat riding on white and crystal water of River Pench. Pech Dam also called Kamthikhairy Dam is an earth fill which is constructed over River Pench. Being situated very close to national park most of the wildlife animals visit the dam to quench their thirst. So while boating in the river you may have encounter with the wildlife animals which serve another purpose of wildlife safari. Boat riding is a must do activity while you are touring Pench National Park.

Visit to Nearby Potter’s Village at Pachdhar –

Visit to Nearby Potter’s Village at Pachdhar

Apart from wildlife if you are keen in exploring the regional and local cultural habits of local people residing near Pench National Park. Pachdhar in Seoni that is known for its community of potters is situated 80 kilometer from Nagpur. If you will drive through National Highway 07, you will find some incredible landscapes of deciduous teak trees, paddy fields and a cluster of potter community creating some incredible works on their wheels. Inhabited by more than 100 families, the Pachdhar village is native to the traditional potter community, who are locally known as Kumhaars. This experience would make you learn so many interesting thing about local culture and traditions.

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