Pench National Park Travel Guide

Spotting The Best Flora & Fauna In Pench

Snuggled in the Madhya Pradesh, the wild Pench National Park is named over the River Pench that finds a way through Pench Forest. This park sizes so huge that it extends to the neighbouring state Maharashtra. The astonishing charm of this park is so wonderful that many famous poets and writers made their creations on it. The famous book of the poet – Rudyard Kipling, Jungle Book is one of the finest examples on Pench National Park and Reserve.

Overloaded with mountainous trails, glassy shiny rivers, wooded hills, and effusive streams, the Pench National Park attracts a large number of tourists and is the finest dreams for wildlife enthusiasts. The Pench Forest is made of more than 300 varieties of fauna and flora that you cannot expect to be found from any other wildlife destination in India. The spectacular flocks of migratory as well as resident birds add charm to the wilderness and natural beauty of this place.

The Royal Bengal Tiger is the most fascinating wild creature of Pench National Park as here, tiger lovers have the maximum chances to spot them at their best. The Pench Tiger Reserve allows great opportunity to adventurists to meet Royal Bengal Tigers in summer season.

The convincing trees with babbling streams make a fantastic combination, calming the senses of visitors in the best way. With abundance in luxury accommodation options like resorts, lodges and cottages, a tour to Pench National Park becomes the most rejuvenating experience to travellers that you may have imagine in your dream ever. In this article, we will present a complete wildlife travel guide to Pench National Park and Reserve. The aim of this guide is to educate and mentally prepare desired adventurists and naturalists for this amazing trip to this park.

What To Do In Pench National Park For A Great Tour Experience –

For having a different yet entertaining tour experience in Pench, you must be aware of various activities that you can try during your stay here. So, in Pench special activities, safari comes at the top as the jungle safari in Pench is world famous for an extra-ordinary experience and wildlife encounters. Apart from it, you can also enjoy elephant safaris, nature trails, bonfires, wildlife spotting, boating, cycling and bird watching in Pench National Park and Reserve.

Kinds of Safari In Pench –
For safari lovers, the information on safari types to try in Pench is necessary as it will help you be aware of different kinds of safaris available in the park and try out all of them during your stay or visit to the reserve.

So, on your tour to Pench National Park, you have options for jeep safari and night safari.

Jeep Safari –
Jeep Safariis the most common and traditional type of safari being conducted in Pench National Park. It is the conventional mode of safari of Pench that allows tourists to spend a great time in the wilderness of the park and reserve. Travelling through the dense forest in an open jeep and going close to wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger is truly amazing that you may have never thought of before. But, a wildlife tour to Pench National Park and Reserve will make it happen for you.

Jeep Safari in Pench is organised in morning and evening. To avoid any kind of disappointment of unavailability of jeep or anything else, it is good to book safari in advance and have the best visit experience in Pench.

Night Safari – Though it is not an activity that every tourist love to try, but if adventure is your prime motto, you must go for night safari in Pench National Park. As compared to daytime safaris, night safari is full of thrill and amazement to discover the wilderness of forest in the dark. For this safari, you will be allowed to explore only Wolf Sanctuary as rest of the zones are prohibited to be accessed after dusk.

Night safari has a real potential to surprise visitors with rare sightings of various nocturnal creatures. As the temperature at that time gets pleasant and cooler, the safari experience becomes more delighting and enjoyable. Due to darkness in the jungle, you may feel a bit scared in the beginning, but with time, it will be soothing and you would feel comfortable.

Apart from wildlife if you are keen in exploring the regional and local cultural habits of local people residing near Pench National Park. Pachdhar in Seoni that is known for its community of potters is situated 80 kilometer from Nagpur. If you will drive through National Highway 07, you will find some incredible landscapes of deciduous teak trees, paddy fields and a cluster of potter community creating some incredible works on their wheels. Inhabited by more than 100 families, the Pachdhar village is native to the traditional potter community, who are locally known as Kumhaars. This experience would make you learn so many interesting thing about local culture and traditions.

Spotting The Best Flora & Fauna In Pench National Park & Reserve –

Flora of Pench National Park –
Every famous wildlife sanctuary and national park is known for the exclusive presence of its flora. So, the flora of Pench National park and Reserve receives the heavy flow of rain and that is the reason, it comprises of great quality of trees, plants, shrubs, climbers, bushes etc. The entire park is arrayed with astonishing trees of Sal all over. The Sal leaves are known as a great fodder and its fruits are rich in nutrition. In addition to Sal, Pench is a habitat of the Crocodile Bark that is rare to be found in any place.

Across the Pench River, you will see Terminalia Arjun trees in a huge numbers. You can reckon them with their thick girth. Other tree species that make a perfect flora in Pench include Billerica, TerminaliaChibula, Dhaoda or Axle Wood. Jamun, Haldu and Baja trees can also be seen in the area of Pench National Park and the beautiful flowers of ButeaFrondosa and Amaltas create a magic impact in the surrounding of park.

Wildlife or Fauna of Pench National Park –
As said earlier, Pench National Park is an attractive destination for wildlife lovers, this park gives a perfect shelter to a wide species of animals apart from Royal Bengal Tigers. The wild fascination of Pench national Park include Cheetal, Nilgai, Bison, Wild Pig, Wild Dog and Sambar. Wolf and Leopard are other wild species of Pench that make a dynamic fauna variety in its surrounding. The wildlife species of Chinkara, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Palm Civet, Hyena, Jungle Cat and Fox are also found in this place but rarely.

In addition to an exclusive presence of animals, Pench National Park allures bird lovers by providing a great shelter to numerous resident and migratory birds which include White eyed Buzzard, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Pitta, Grey-Headed Fishing Eagle etc. For nature lovers and bird lovers, this place is truly a magic.

Besides birds, Pench National Park features a variety of fish species as there are around 50 kinds of fishes reside with 30 species of reptiles. So, regardless to any kind of wildlife fantasy you have, this park is capable of serving the most captivating experience to surprise you during your visit.

Pench National Park & Its Buffer Zones –

As Pench National Park comprises of a huge territory, you will see the park divided in various zones. The information on these zones is important to make you familiar with each zone and plan a perfect visit to this amazing park.

Turia Zone –
Turia Zone is known as an elegant zone of the Pench National Park and Reserve. The entry gate of Turia zone is just next to the wildlife museum from where you can find information on fauna and flora of Pench. From the months of October – June, this zone opens and the booking of safari to this zone can be done online in advance.

Karmajhiri Zone –
Karmajhiri Zone is another important zone of Pench National park as it shares an important role in offering a perfect wildlife exploration during safari in the park. This zone also starts from October – June and visitors are required to make advance bookings to take entry in this zone with safari.

Jamtara Zone –
This is a fascinating zone where Sloth Bears’ sightings are common. This zone falls in Chhindwara district and requires one to have online booking to conduct safari in this zone.

Rukhad Zone –
Famous with another name Bison Retreat, this zone is famous for its dense trees and unusual wild sounds of nature to visitors. Whether you seek peace, solitude or natural beauty, Rukhad Zone would appear to be the best choice for these motives. This zone is loved by visitors for exploring the distinct flora comprising of trees, plants and flowers. For exploring this zone, you don’t need to make any bookings online, but you can take ticket to enter this zone right from the booking window.

Wolf Sanctuary Zone –
This zone comprises of rocky terrain and gives shelter to Leopards, Wolf and Blue Bulls. Wolf Zone is mainly famous for conducting night safaris as here, one can spot various nocturnal species. This zone remains open throughout the year and requires no online booking.

Sillari Zone –
Just as Wolf zone and Rukhad Zone, Sillari Zone remains open throughout the year. But, on Wednesday, it remains closed. It is filled with a variety of flora that include the Bamboo, Teak and Garari trees. To explore this zone, you can make bookings online.

Khursapar Zone –
In this zone, you can spot a variety of water bodies, birds and animal species. On Tuesdays, this zone remains closed and to explore the area of this zone, you can make online bookings.

So, based on the information provided in this guide, you can plan an unforgettable wildlife excursion to Pench National Park.

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