Tiger and Wood Resort

Tiger and Wood Resort in Pench

Price – INR 5500 per night APAI for 2 adults in Wooden Machaan Cottage

Location – Pench National Park, Touria

Accommodation Options at Tiger and Woods

One can get their hands on Tiger Suite. It is known for its high-comfort rooms that are specially designed for relaxation. The spacious quarters offer guests queen-sized beds an indoor lounge and a great sitting area.

Wooden machan is also available for people looking for an adventure stay. There are at least Wooden machan. The air-conditioned rooms feature a huge bed luggage space and amazing bedding options. The generously sized bathroom provides the guests with a great view of the surrounding jungle

If people are not going on safaris, then this resort offers plenty of leisurely activities. They can unwind in the lap of nature and swim in the great swimming pool while enjoying some beverages from the bar. Evenings are really special here as there are live band programs beneath the stars. If guests love outdoor activities, then they can take part in cricket games. The resort provides an amazing break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Whether one is seeking a romantic escape or just a quiet family vacation, the budget-friendly getaway resort delivers amazing experiences. Surrounded by flourishing Woodlands it provides a great atmosphere that is a respite from city life.

The resort also features well-equipped spacious rooms and cottages that are perfect for couples looking for relaxation. The resort offers plenty of activities for nature enthusiasts like guided jungle safaris, bird watching, and cycling adventures.

In short, the resort serves different interests, and it is a three-star property that stands out as a great choice for families looking for a fun-filled vacation. The multi-dinner restaurant of the resort serves amazing meals to ensure to appease even the most discerning palates.

The tiger and woods eco- resort holds a great place as one of the best family resorts in the region. It offers luxurious accommodations, first class amenities and a great location. Whether one is going with their partner’s family or friends the three-star resort promises a great vacation experience.

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