Saj In The Forest Resort

Saj In The Forest Resort in Pench

Price – INR 7000 per night APAI for 2 adults in AC Mahua Cottage

Location – Pench National Park, Touria


The resort features 3 categories of rooms that are inspired and named after three landmarks tree species that thrive in the forests.


It is one of the largest rooms in the resort that offers a sitting area. Guests can come across a closet a large bathroom the inbuilt set of two rooms can be booked individually or together by families or groups that look forward to staying together both the rooms share a specious veranda and outdoors it out is perfect for sipping by a bon.


It is perfect for couples or small families. The cozy independent rooms have a private gazebo accessed by a small bridge and dedicated wardrobe areas. The well-appointed bathrooms can truly make the stay comfortable.


It is perfect for families to enjoy the forest and it features two suites-built side-by-side independent from each other, both of them have their own unique bedrooms, individual spacious bathrooms and a common living room. People can just access it through the common foyer. The rooms also have a large lawn and an outdoor area that is fenced off for privacy. It is just across from the swimming pool and other amenities.

Great Cuisine

Mati Baani is an in-house restaurant and has its own magical way of presenting itself in forms of mud rocks crops plants and all of them have uniqueness like different languages spoken. The flagship on site restaurant has a fan following and people come across from different parts of the country. It is created to speak the culinary language of the land. The live kitchen counter is also a special draw.

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