Adventurous Activities in Pench National Park

Activities in Pench National Park

The location of Pench National Park is specifically in the south of the Madhya Pradesh sharing the boundaries of Maharashtra spread in a wide area of 758 sq km. As this place is in the heartland of India, it attracts number of tourists from all over India. This national park is not only the home of wild animals but it is a place for residing human too. There are ten villages in this national park. One village named Fulzari is inside the park and rest nine is located in the boundary of the park. It is an interesting place for explorer and wild life lovers. Nature lovers feel this place as Paradise.

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This national park is known as a gorgeous biodiversity of the state. Here tourists can enjoy night safari, bird watching, exploring the park in different way and many other adventurous activities. It’s a great place for adventure lovers. This park accommodates wild animals from 300 species and migratory as well as resident birds of different species. You will get amazing experience of gushing streams, rolling hills and rocky trails in the wide area of this national park. Here tourists commonly spot porcupine, deer, jungle cat, four kinds of vultures, striped hyena and the most wanted Tiger. It is estimated to have 20-25 tigers in the park and so for tourists, spotting a tiger is not so difficult. Here you can also enjoy some good species of amphibians and reptile’s 13 species which includes marsh crocodile, common Indian monitor and Indian Python. In order to explore the fauna and flora of the park, adventure lovers go for different adventure activities inside the park to have a memorable life time experience.

Pench Bird Watching –

Innumerable birds, migratory as well as residents are usually spotted in the park and make this place a paradise for bird watchers. It is an amazing experience to watch the activities of number of birds as there are 325 species of birds. Due to its wide species, pench national park is said to be the destination of premium birding in India. Mostly these birds are found around the water reservoir area especially in the winter season. Tourists can also spot some of the rare species like Brahminy duck, coots, bar headed goose and common Pochard. Tourists just love to watch here the four kinds of vultures, white-rumped vulture, long-billed vulture, white scavenger and king vulture. Best time of watching the activities of birds and listening its pleasing sound with the beauty of the nature is in the morning and in the evening.

Elephant Ride In Pench –

Some people just love to explore the park by sitting on the back of elephant. It is as good as any safari ride only. As this ride is on the back of elephant, one can enjoy from a height and explore the park with the glimpse of the wild animals.

Pench Night Safari or Night Drive –

Night drive or night safari enables the tourists to spot some wild animals and nocturnal birds in their natural element in the buffer zone. It gives the tourists an adventurous experience in the darkness of night. Tourists must make a round of the park between 6 pm to 9 pm to spot some forest attractions like hyena, wild dogs, deer and some of the exotic birds.

Jungle safari in Open Jeep –

The most common way of exploring the park is the safari ride by jeep. Most of the tourists prefer jungle safari only. It is the easiest, cheapest, fastest and most acceptable ride by the tourists. Tourist of every age group explore the national park this way easily. There are two time safari rides for the tourists, in morning as well as in the evening. Jeep safari is the most exciting and popular way to explore jungle, to watch animal in their natural habitat. Tourists watch animal activities and capture their activities and the natural beauty in their camera easily.

Jungle Trek –

Most of the tourists are in real, nature lovers and they want to explore the park by walking through the jungle. While doing the jungle trek, guides crosses the Satpura forest and tourists experience the adventurous feeling of walking through the dense forest. By jungle trek only tourists can enjoy fauna and flora utmost. If any tourists is going for jungle trek for the first time then they must take the help guide to explore the park nicely. So in order to have a thrilling experience of Pench national park, get ready by tying the lace of your shoes and capture some surprising moments of wild life for your life time memory.

Bungee Trampoline –

It is one of the most breathe taking adventurous activities. Here people enjoy the thrilling experience of jumping. Though trampoline of 14 feet is accompanied with safety net. But it gives the tourists a thrilling experience.

Cycling –

Tourists can explore the park by cycling up to 300 kms. Pench national park is connected with kanha by the green track of wilderness. Tourists enjoy riding through this track connecting from pench to kanha. Tourists start their cycling trip from the Nagpur gate of this park and cover a distance of more than 200 kms. It passes through the Kukri gate, touches Balaghat and at Kanha the tour ends. Exploring the park through cycling gives the tourists an amazing experience and lots of unforgettable memories. Even for new riders, there is a provision of short safari, which is for 3 hrs starting from any point. This ride is suitable for large numbers of tourists as they can easily perform it without getting tired and easily compliment to the other plans of tourists.

Every kind of exploring the park is different and offers unique experience. Tourists enjoy numbers of outdoor and indoor activities as per their interest. Of all the activities, tourists can also touch the potter’s village, Pachdhar. This is a village of about 110 families in the Pench National park. Tourists usually take a ride for Pachdharvillage which is near to Jungle camp to see mud houses of the village and buy some memento back to their home.

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